Pandora 2.1: Pandora for Your Site

One of the really flattering things that’s happened to us over the months since we launched is that many of you have written to us asking if you can link to Pandora from your website. We’ve had a basic mechanism in place for some time that lets you link directly to a song or artist station. If that’s what you’d like to do, take a look at this FAQ entry.
In most cases though, people have been asking for some kind of Pandora “create station” module or a banner that they can put up. So tonight we’ve put up a page that will make doing so easy. Just head over to to choose from a variety of different options.
I can’t tell you how gratifying it has been to get these sorts of requests. Thanks for asking; we’re delighted to finally be able to lend a hand.


The Pandora Team

25 thoughts on “Pandora 2.1: Pandora for Your Site

  1. For all the cool “little things” you folks manage (and I really do appreciate those things), the logo–or lack thereof–needs work. Time for a contest…

  2. While they are nice, what I really want is a small player that I can embed into the firefox sidebar. Oooh! An extension would be priceless!
    Still, wonderful tool.

  3. What I have been thinking about for a while is the idea of a radio service which you could actually know what you were listening to… Radio stations are very inconsistent in telling what song they have just played or are playing…
    The idea you have is great, just mix it with XFM, display the song title, have it work just like it does -picking ones music type-, charge a monthly fee, and bingo! Maybe have a free version as well, but with commercials. I know this would be something more exciting than your average station out there, not just because I could pick my own music, but hear new stuff and not have to develop a scientific thesis to find out what band it was that just played. Just a thought. Anyway, keep up the great work!

  4. sweet… how bout some bbcode, or the like, for forums?
    I love my forums. (eh chem…)

  5. This is good, but what i’d really like is to be able to parse an artist through pandora, and get back a list of the similar artists. Any chance of this happening?

  6. I’ve just discovered Pandora and I love it! I am bordering on spamming my friends and family to get the word out and share this site with others. Thank you for all the hard work, I can’t imagine how difficult this was to do.
    Question? Is there a way to request a geneome for an artist that is not yet in your database?
    I tried to search for Harry Manx and had no luck.

  7. you guys outdo yourselves. i almost hate to say it, but i’d pay money for this service. i have a couple of stations that i’ve been refining, and every so often a song will come on that i’ve completely forgotten about, and i dig that sort of stuff.
    you guys rock, i didn’t even notice any of the release stuff. i refer this to all my friends that love music, and thank the person that linked me here every day.
    you guys rock, literally.

  8. Pandora is a breath of fresh air, and now we have the ability to channel new users for you guys through our sites and blogs. I passed this round at work and it got a great reception!
    It certainly makes my working day go quicker!

  9. I have a suggestion:
    put the ‘like/dont like’ hands directly on the thumbnail on each song (red thumbs down, green thumbs up). it’s more intuitive (than right-clicking, reading the popup menu and clicking on the right selection) and it’ll encourage people to feedback.

  10. I have to agree with James — it’s time for a logo upgrade. Something that better reflects what Pandora is all about. And something that people are going to be inspired by and rally around.
    Posted by James McDugal:
    For all the cool “little things” you folks manage (and I really do appreciate those things), the logo–or lack thereof–needs work. Time for a contest…

  11. I would like if I could place a flash banner that would function as a mini-client: imagine being able to incorporate Pandora (with your own station) into your site or blog. Wouldn’t it be great? I emailed this idea to whoever’s in charge :)

  12. Wow… Pandora r0x0rz
    I’d like to see Pandora accesible through iTunes, Winamp, and Songbird. This would allow Pandora to appear in ‘now playing’ plugins.

  13. I do not believe my eyes and ears. For years I never saw the need to buy a computer. Like now i go to the library and do what I need to do without the expense. now i have to have Pandora on demand so you hve ushered me into the new millineum. THIS IS THE BEST WEBSITE ON THE ENTIRE INTERNET. Start to finish, top to bottom, north to south….. are you getting my drift here? I must go out and buy a computer because of you, but it’s cool. I’ll do that for Pandora (even though I feel I have no choice. Your that good:))
    I can’t say enough about this website.

  14. no
    the link are not good
    the think you have to do is a
    with a play bouton or an webmaster autoplay option
    and when the public must register
    then a pop up subscription
    inside this script or iframe or flash
    you can ad adds

  15. I love you!! So please make some banners for Like, it is the way of the future. Thank you all for your creative minds.

  16. I enjoy the service of Pandora simply because it provides me a way of listening to what I want, with new artist of that same sound. The aspect is much larger than many people see. I’m liking the direction the banner link is going, however, it needs a few extra tid-bits that make it all the more flavorful. Such as, adding Banner links to, that are compatible with major blog sites such as Myspace, Blogger, Xanga. Constructing the banner in a way, enabling the random viewer to listen to the “users” specified shared station. In addition with words such as “if you would like to join pandora and make your own station Click here” or something creative that would of course intice people to click and join Pandora. Again, I want to tell The devs at Pandora, I’ve really found much delight in this app, so much the more I try it realizing this is probably a sleeping giant about to wake up. I’m excited for all of you and I’m exited to be apart of it. Thanks for your service and time.


  18. I would love to see some way to embed a station in a blog/forum/myspace/facebook, but I imagine there’s a pretty good reason that doesn’t exist yet. Definitely would be cool though. I love Pandora, but I think that many people don’t get how cool it is because they just enter a single artist and expect it to play music they’ll like. Better Web 2 incorporation could help remedy that by exposing people to custom stations that work well.

  19. What I’d like to see is the ability to select the stations you play, or at the very least, the ability to reorder stations instead of a playlist of “newest created” stations to embed in a website. I want three stations in an embed-able form, none of which are in my “newest created,” so I cannot share the stations I wish to.. :C

  20. Hello, I just came across your system and find it incredible. Do you have a code to integrate the player into a phpbb3 forum by any chance? I have recently created a website with a forum and this player would be excellent for us.
    Thank you