Pandora Update Tonight

We’ll be taking Pandora off the air for a few hours tonight to put up a new release. We’ll be shutting things down around 9PM Pacific. We’ll be down for a few hours as we perform the upgrade and then we’ll be back and better than ever. We’re really looking forward to hearing what you think of our latest batch of upgrades. I’ll post more details when we’re done.
[Update: We’re all finished. Everything went as planned – enjoy the new Pandora!]


The Pandora Team

22 thoughts on “Pandora Update Tonight

  1. Hi, I just visited your site earlier today. I love it – what a great concept! I showed the website to a couple of my friends and will be using it as well. Keep up the good work! =)

  2. Oh. My. GOD!! I was just turned on to Pandora by a co-worker and it is blowing me away. What a great concept, and the execution’s awesome as well. I am a bona fide music geek and this place feels like home. Thank you so much for what you’re doing, and I’m looking forward to seeing the results from the upgrades. ALL HAIL PANDORA!!

  3. What a great use of AI! Although I spend my time as a writer, now, I came out of the tech industry, and was one of the founders of a company called Borland, and was involved in a number of other companies. I created a product called SideKick and conceived and launched a number of others. Yours is the most unique concept I’ve seen in a long while, and for me, one of the most valuable.
    I listen to music when I’m writing, and that’s sometimes for as much as ten or twelve hours a day. Pandora allows me to set a mood by defining a station, and then I’m running!
    Where are you going with this? Podcasts are obvious, and it’s certainly easy enough to work out the logistics. I think, though, that there’s a much larger market in the wireless world and that must be where you’re ultimately heading.
    One other point … the copy on your site is extremely well-written and appealing. And the site itself is wonderfully done.
    Alex Morton

  4. Talk about a brilliant concept….You guys keep up the hard work….It’s nice to know that there’s still some thinkers out there! Hoping the updates include me being able to turn up the music louder…Thanks again, what a breath of fresh air….

  5. I really like Pandora! Discovered some time ago
    by doing a search on Internet music. I LOVE jazz!
    Been able to plug in some of my favorite jazz
    artists/stations, and sit back & enjoy some
    fantastic sounds. Stuff I hadn’t heard in a long
    time! This beats Windows Media music by a lanslide. Plus, you never have to wait for pauses
    or re-buffering!
    Keep up the good work!

  6. Dudes:
    Awesome! What a concept!
    How do I buy stock in you little venture?
    I’m pretty sure this will be big in a very short while!
    Keep rockin’

  7. Wow!
    Not surprising that ITunes Music Store advertises!
    It�s a great pity Norway is not included yet…Norwegians buy
    a lot of music!!
    A tremendous amount of music!!!!!

  8. I too love the site and hope it continues to grow.
    One mode of expansion that I would suggest is a joint effort with (or simply a new version of) AMG’s All Music Guide –
    It would be great to access each artist’s history, albums and songs as the music plays

  9. Suggestion: If you could also display the lyrics of the songs being played in the background, It would be fantastic.

  10. let me no when you are going public, would love to invest in this concept.
    best of luck,the music is great

  11. Same here. I just searched yahoo finance for you after just trying out the site. Negative. But I love it and will definately keep using.

  12. I recently had a sprint 8330 blackberry and was able to use pandora. Now I have a nextel 8350i and pandora wont work without being conneted to wifi. Can someone help me with this?

  13. Pandora, i’ve realized how lucrative your business can be especially with all the new ads that are showing up. I’ve been patiently waiting for your business to go public. I saw your segment on the daily show (or colbert report) and it made me so excited. Please shed light on how long it will be until you go public. I cant wait to invest!

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