Update: On October 2nd and 3rd, 2006, I’ll be meeting listeners in both Amherst and Boston, respectively. The Amherst meet will be at the Red Barn Hampshire College, while the Boston event will be at MIT. Both begin at 7pm.
Join us and send an RSVP to tour@pandora.com with either ‘Amherst’ or ‘Boston’ in the subject line, depending on which meet you’ll attend!
In early October, I’ll be making a tour stop in Boston for a town hall meeting at night. I’m looking forward to meeting with Pandora listeners in The Walking City, and will try to hit some colleges too (I’ve heard there are few of ’em there). Any students with suggestions – we’re all ears! I would love to read tips and answer questions from locals in the comments section below.
We love reading and responding to your feedback on the blog – the comments have been a treasure trove of great insights and guidance as we plan our visits. If you have a particular idea you want to discuss, or just want to get more involved, we’re eager for help – just drop us an email at tour@pandora.com. Please include your location in the subject line of your message too. No idea is too big or small!


The Pandora Team http://www.pandora.com/

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  2. I was wondering why we can’t access classical music with Pandora. I typed in “Mozart French Horn Quartets” and nothing came up. I’d love it if we could put in a category, and not just a title or artist. (For all I know, it’s possible, but since I’m brand-new to this I haven’t figured it out.)
    I love being able to have music in the background while I’m working.
    Thank you!

  3. Pandora is by far the best free music source I’ve found on the Internet! Thank you all for the obvious hard work you’ve put in to make this possible.
    I was wondering if it’d possible to add a button that would allow us to replay songs upon request. I frequently step away from my desk at work and don’t click the pause button, thereby causing me to miss a song I might like. Moreso, I might miss a song I do like but have to wait a good while before I have the chance to hear it again.
    Greg in Boston, MA

  4. Saw your ad on the Sunday paper and I am in love with it. I can’ believe no comercials!!!!!!!!!!!
    Keep the good work.

  5. I’ve been able to listen to artists I’ve forgotten about for years! This is fabulous. I would be helpful to delete stations. Also I agree a replay button would be great. Thanks for your great work!

  6. There are quite a few colleges in boston and if you’re doing any sorta of musical tasty event, i’ll definatly be there. or if you felt like traveling outside the city a bit, you could visit my college. : ) eh?eh?
    Fitchburg State College

  7. Please let us know where you’ll be for the Pandora get-together…I’d be interested if I could find the time…
    Also, feature request… how about more than just the top 20 Pandora stations to choose as shared station, especially since most of those are just artist-based stations that anyone can program themselves. My suggestion would be to allow users to choose whether they want to share their stations publicly, and if so, make those stations searchable by name or artists included. For instance, I’m listening to international pop overthrow right now. I chose it because it sounded actually programmed by a human, not just a random station like ‘wilco station.’
    anyway, great site, keep up the good work!

  8. Two things…
    1 – It would be nice to be able to just have a genre and listen to songs within it
    2 – It would also be nice if there were a “so-so” choice, if i was just ok with the song i listened to…
    Otherwise great program!

  9. When in Boston, please please look for Stepanian and Tim Blane. Both really great performers. I simply can’t get enough!
    Thanks for an amazing service.

  10. Hey there! I work at one of those colleges and actually wrote a blog post all about Pandora (called “I’m All About the Thumpa-Thumpa or Opening Up Pandora’s Music Box” in which I introduced your service and talked about the connections between the Human Genome and Music Genome projects…
    Anyway, would love to know when you are in Boston. Many of my students live by your service…

  11. i agree with adverserE
    sometimes it is pretty hard to determine the right radio station for me because i don’t really know the artistis’s style, i might like one of their song but other artists that are similar might not fit my taste.
    i dig club, trance, or just drum & bass but on pandora searching for DJs are kinda of hard, i would hope that pandora can improve these kinda genre
    really gald that you guys are coming to Mass.

  12. I’m with TRISH: it would be awesome if you could expand Pandora into classical music as well. Even still, it’s great, and I hope I’ll be able to get to one of your stops in the Boston area.
    @Brandeis University

  13. Love, love, love this! Can’t wait to see you in Boston to talk music!
    Two suggestions, at least one of which I’ve already seen posted:
    – have a “kinda” choice, in between thumb up and thumb down
    – add childrens’ musicians; I was happy to find Dan Zanes, but so far only his folk stuff has come up. I would love to create a station for my 1yo son, with Zanes, Laurie Berkner, and others (could skip Raffi though).
    Heidi in Boston

  14. Love the site guys as does, the wife. We use it at work all the time. You should make a trip to Western Mass, Northampton or Amherst, we have some groovy, smaht people out here as well. As for suggestions about the site, I’d like to see some classical/opera offered. I’ll be in Italy in October with, the wife. Otherwise I’d be there at your powwow for sure. Keep up the good work.

  15. I just really want to chime in on two things, so that you start to build a consensus on these items:
    KINDA BUTTON (between thumbs up and thumbs down), as suggested by John Wall

  16. This is incredible. Something to really be proud of. However, as I sit and work supporting Treo phones all day, I ponder the use of Pandora for these Windows Mobile and beyond (Blackberry, etc.) devices.
    We all had transistor radio technology in the 70’s so why not with these mobile do-it-all devices? I see your hiring for a java developer so think you may have some plans for future development anyways. That is my two cents for global marketing.

  17. It’s a bit out of the way, but if you can get to western Massachusetts you should definitely come to UMass Amherst. We’ve got about 10,000 undergrad students here, and I’m sure most of them are interested in free music.

  18. Definitely in agreement with HadleyGrass. The big five colleges in Western MA (UMass Amherst, Amherst College, Holyoke, Smith and Hampshire) gives it a diverse crowd of young people (not to mention everyone else who lives around there and wouldn’t care to drive 2 hours or so to get into Boston).. Just a thought though. Anyway, I LOVE the Pandora system, it’s pure genius.

  19. closer than western mass but with less total students is the university of massachusetts lowell, about 45 minutes north of boston. big music programs and an awesome radio station, too. you should stop by!

  20. You MUST check out Rooftop Suicide Club – they’re out of New Bedford. Play there much, have played Lizard Lounge (best small venue for live music) in Cambridge and Bill’s Bar, the Abbey, all areound B-town.
    If anyone local is at the Middle East, go see them. Great shows.
    You can check out Bourbon Princess, too. They’ve got Morphine’s sax player! impressive tunes.

  21. Hello,
    I was wondering if you would be able to stop at Boston College. I am taking a History of Popular Music course and we are studying elements of music and Pandora is an excellent example for us to study and learn more about. Let me know if this could be possible and I can get you in touch with my professor. Thank you.

  22. I’m absolutely thrilled to hear about the forum in Western Mass! I agree with Juliet…how amazing would it be if I could just have you with me constantly? I try to get everything I hear anyway, so it’d be great to cut out the middle man. Something portable?

  23. Hey, Pandora, you have one amazing thing going here!
    I am an old grandmother who LOVES the blues, and can get tired of what Ive got on my iPod and my old tapes and records, as Ive played them so many times.
    So, I fire up your site, and listen to your/my customized music.
    Keep it up, you are the best! And when I hear something that I just must have, that I dont already have(which is a bit rare), I write it down and purchase it with my iTunes account.
    Ive sent your site to all my classmates too.
    Thank you!!!!!

  24. Hey…Spent a delightful afternoon listening to a wonderful bunch of music. Saw a story in a business magazine about you. Found a lot of obscure 60s bands, loved how the system also figured out the “sound” that I preferred!
    If you come to Boston, or even if you don’t, don’t forget “The Boston Sound” much more than just Aerosmith…
    This is wonderful for a person with eclectic tastes, I spent the later afternoon listening to Tony Bennett, Regis Philbin (yes he was the “boy” band singer),Johnny Mathis. Can’t wait to come back to work next week and plug in a few more band names.
    One suggestion, I know that there was also a big group of midwestern touring but obscure bands…Look for “These Vizitors” out of Indiana and others of the same period. Think Cowsills or other family bands….
    Thanks Again

  25. I dont know how you did it, but you figured out the sound I love by the type of music I always listen to.
    And thanks so much for the t-shirt I love it as well as this site, I put it on the second my aol pops in………….and then I am HAPPY.
    Tim, I know you loved our country here in Massachusetts. We love music around our parts!

  26. oh no! i’m new to pandora.com & i missed out on your visit, but i’m really happy you came out this way & from what i’ve read You enjoyed your time here :) Hope you continue to get lots & lots of positive feedback in your travels!
    Have Fun!

  27. Love the world of options available at my fingertips. I too would love some classical music to be accessible. More world music too. Contact me on your next swing through Boston! Marge

    I just saw a outstanding band in Boston tonight at Bill’s Bar called Six Day Slide. Apparently it was a CD release party. They are definately up and coming. Wonderful stage presence, excellent lyrics, and phenominal acoustics.

  29. My suggestion would be to allow users to choose whether they want to share their stations publicly, and if so, make those stations searchable by name or artists included. For instance, I’m listening to international pop overthrow right now.

  30. Hey first of all i would like to say that pandora is great stuff and i love using it. Only thing i can suggest is to maybe put on some Eric Hutchinson. Hes a local artist whose quickly gaining recognition. Hes got some great songs like “Outside Villanova” , “All over Now” , and many others. Thanks again for the great music

  31. I LOVE THIS SITE! My future Son-In-Law who is a musician /great pianist / musical genius? /composer turned me on to this project. I have since recommended this site to several family members and friends.. all with great feedback from them. Great Job!
    Mamma Krass…. / MA 01040

  32. first off…thanx for fighting the GREAT fight. This is the best use of the internet I have come accross!!! Listen to soooooo much Pandora and am always clicking back onto the page to see who the new artist that sounds so cool is!! Been introduced to so many artists I NEVER would have even heard of w/out this site!!!
    second off…given as a gift a killer acoustic CD called “Eight Seconds Later” from an unsigned group DJF lead singer is Dan Feeley…hit him up for more info about his music at dfeeley@mosiki.com! you will NOT regret it…especially alumni of UMASS!

  33. Is any support planned for last.fm and other social music sharing tools? (That would be really really nice.)
    I’m really enjoying what you’re offering–keep at it! :)

  34. I like the “thumbs up” feature for developing favorites. What about the songs/artists that we absolutely love! Could there be a feature that would allow a “double thumbs up” or “love that song/artist” ?
    To take it a step further, the “Love this” rating would develop a station all its own of all of your absolute favorites!
    I love your concept.

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