Baltimore Meetup!

Will be coming around to Baltimore on November 16th to host a town hall meeting. Great local musical heritage with hotspots for jazz and new wave. Looking forward to an exciting and lively talk! Details for the meetup are below:
WHEN: Thursday, November 16th, 2006 @ 7 PM
WHERE: Community Hall
Corner of Charles & Hamilton Streets
venue website


The Pandora Team

16 thoughts on “Baltimore Meetup!

  1. I am looking for other versions of Summer Me Winter Me…from a movie Picasso’s Summer…have found it on a Sinatra CD…Anybody else ?

  2. Tim:
    It is almost perfect! I have a problem with the consistancy, and flow of certain music catagories.E.g., a Donna Summmer song followed by a Loverboy selection? If it is a disco selection should not all the songs if into that catagory? Still, you got a happy listener here!

  3. Hey guys, I know of this band based out of Baltimore called Iluvatar. They are a neo progressive band in the vain of marillion with some Genesis tone. See if you can get any of their stuff. I first heard them in the progressive station on XM radio if that helps at all.

  4. The Mambo Combo is enduringly one of Baltimore’s favorite bands, combining Tropic of Cancer tempos with an appealingly Baltomorean sensibilities. A recent album is “Mr. Happy.”

  5. Local DC/MD/VA band called the Tommy Lepson Band.
    Killer blues band with strong vocals, great Hammond organ and lead guitar. They are great in person, the “Live” album has some terrific tunes. We just love dancing to them but their gigs are often in places with no dance floor. Bummer!!!
    They play at JV’s (Falls Church) and the Harp & Fiddle (Bethesda) once or twice a month.

  6. hey there’s this local band called Soundblade that’s really not out there yet if you could contact them for this gig that’d be awesome.

  7. If you all check this, a great local band is J Roddy Walston and the Business. Very pure rock and roll and one of the best live shows around. They’re playing gigs all over the east coast these days but based in Baltimore, it would also be great to hear them on pandora.

  8. I missed you! I just got an invite from my son and I signed on. Awesome project. When are you coming back to Maryland/metro DC area?

  9. Hi Manolo –
    Thanks for your interest in Pandora and for your suggestion! Lyrics require a completely different set of licensing than the music does – we hope to someday get the licensing in place!
    For now a Google search “lyrics: ” is probably your best bet.
    Cheers, Lucia

  10. I’ve got a group of kids that are so up on the music scene you should come talk to the whole group. They know it all from the 930 club to the Recher in Towson, or rather I as their taxi know it all! :) email me, this would be some awesome insight for you and Pandora in general, By the way when is Pandora going public already?
    Beth Kaufman

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