CMJ @ Pandora Radio

While Michael got to spend last week at the amazing CMJ new music marathon in New York, Pandora’s engineering team was here in Oakland keeping the Pandora servers stocked with coal. From the sound of it, we missed a lot of amazing music.
Happily Pandora can give us a taste of what we missed… I just built a Pandora station that plays selections influenced by all of the artists Michael got to see at CMJ. Click this link to have a listen: CMJ @ Pandora Radio


The Pandora Team

15 thoughts on “CMJ @ Pandora Radio

  1. I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now. As a musician and a technology consultant, i’m hooked. It’s quite original. Let me know if there’s any way I can assist.
    Also, is there a place where pandora users can post thoughts and comments? A message board of some type? I’m guessing the pandora community is still fairly small, and it would be neat to be able to interact as a community.
    (chicago, IL)

  2. It gives me great pleasure to know that there is a radio source so in tune to the music I enjoy. Meaning to say, I am given a choice as to what I’d like to listen to. I have with proud honor and gratitude passed the news to some of my fellow friends and co-workers. Thanks so much!!!

  3. Just read an article by Peter O’Reily about what makes something web 2.0 { I’d say you folks at Pandora have nailed it! Thanks for making such a great “pull” product. So refreshing to pull what I want to hear rather than having other things pushed at me. Now if it would only work on my old computer at work…

  4. I listen to Pandora @ work. Does it matter which computer I log on to. It doesn’t always work when I log on to different computers.
    -Thank You

  5. when listening to pandora radio and want to scroll down to “about this music or artist” i can only read a few lines. the last line is not complete and must continue on next page. how do i go there? i have clicked on “more” but get nothing. i enjoy the consept of your site and listen often. please help by return e mail. thanks

  6. Wow I know you been around for along time but this my first time using ur app . And I can tell u the music I pick was Motown oldies . Went hearing the songs I started to cry :'( why because alot of the songs remind me of my mom who passed away. She played all those song while cleaning house . And when I was little sitting on the porch singing alot of those songs . I love Pandora been listening all day can’t stop the music is so good . Thank you !

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